Ben Haviour



Artists like Ben are rare today. His sound is as ecclectic and extraordinary as the variety of his artistic palette: a mix of techno, 80s synths and a love for detailed sound design. This is beautiful music to dance to, but doesn’t limit its scope to techno clubs or functional DJ Tracks. Every track conveys an atmospheric experience in sound.


Versatile is a digestible collection of electronic tracks with a diverse range of influence from across the board of the broad and multi-faceted genre. It features elements of ambience, house, trance and drum and bass and keeps it fairly light and accessible for the duration.

Echoes and Dust

Coming from playing the guitar and the piano in different bands (e.g. ‘The Government Jazz Sister’, ‘The Diary of Thoughts Project’) Ben Haviour has now started a new musical discourse. This discourse with himself led him to electronic music and created the name. We really like his latest EP.

MOBI Kollektiv